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Corporate Training Services:
Success is not based on how much you know. It's based on knowing the right things and being able to apply them. In short, success is based on performance. Object web’s training programs accurately match our competency-based curriculum to the technical function and managerial training needs at both the individual and enterprise level. An individual can benefit from:
  • Qualified instructors with project knowledge.
  • Targeted assessment of participant's pre-training needs.
  • Highly focused and personalized plan to meet their training needs.
To assist our corporate clients in providing the most effective training experience possible. Our technical staff has good experience in training and real-time project development with latest technologies. We have specialized faculty to provide corporate training in
  • Smalltalk (Visual Works, Visual Age, Object Studio, VSE)
  • OODBMS (Versant, Objectivity, Gemstone, Object Store)
  • OOAD (OOA, OOD, OOP, UML, Rose, Design Patterns, Frameworks)
  • Adobe Flex with Action Script with Integration to .net or java services.

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