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ERP Services:
Accendere’s ERP Competency center is a pool of experienced and certified Functional and technical Consultants, capable of implementing the ERP solutions in any kind of establishment, organization and relieves the establishments to do what they do the best i.e. serve their customers and let the ERP do what they do i.e. Information management and Decision support frame work
ERP systems must evolve as businesses, change.
That evolution requires assistance from experts. Accendere help customers achieve faster ROI and continuous improvement through a combination of experts, tools and methodologies. Accendere helps the clients to get ERP software up and running fast and keep it operating at peak levels to ensure IT can effectively support business goals.
Consulting – Experienced consultants from Accendere excel in designing quality, innovative and cost effective business solutions for manufacturers. From a comprehensive business systems review to the customization of reports and screens to full-blown Business Process Management engagements, we deliver solutions to both simple and complex business challenges. Accendere has been helping customers dramatically improve the quality, efficiency and speed of supply chain relationships, global operations, inventory and manufacturing control, and strategic decision-making.

Support – Accendere world-class support services keep systems running smoothly and help customers maintain optimum system performance levels. From traditional phone support to innovative premium service options, Accendere provides peace of mind and support when customers need it in the way that they need it. Accendere support includes:
  • Live support staff – a phone call away
  • Robust web-based support
  • Automatic software upgrades and updates
  • WebEx online support sessions
Remote Systems Administration – Remote Systems Administration (RSA) removes time consuming, low priority tasks from a company’s IT team so they can focus on key strategic projects. Accendere performs system administration remotely as needed – long term or just for a few weeks. Our experts conduct upgrades, host systems and run disaster recovery remotely. RSA frees up IT teams so they can concentrate on improving business performance.

Technical Solutions – Accendere offers customization services to tailor the ERP software to meet individual customer needs.

Product Enhancement and Maintenance Services:

Product Enhancement Services:

Our dedicated Software product development team brings together decades of experience working on many Software Product enhancements addressing diverse needs. While they keep themselves ahead of technology, they consult on market demands, business dynamics, user needs and make practical investigations which enable them to advise the client on future predictions so they can incorporate features that are far in advance of their competitors.

Most of the times Software companies are stretched with development commitments and welcome the opportunity to bend with competent outside resources. Accendere is good in becoming the virtual development organization for our software partners with a strong focus on customer requirements. Depending on the specific end customer, we can execute field-engineered product enhancements onsite, at our partner's location or offsite which include core features, integration with other products, key performance indicators, report development, and platform porting and testing. Software enhancement service can fulfill requirements:
  • Software Product performance
  • Minor software product enhancement through new feature
  • Usability engineering
  • Major software product enhancement with multi features
  • Interoperability
  • Migration to new platform

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