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Product Development Services:
In today's competitive business environment, Software Product Development requires a bright business idea, strong strategy, innovative practices and in-depth market knowledge. Many ISVs (Independent Software Vendors)/ software product development organizations also start-ups adopt the smartest Outsourced product development strategy that frees their valuable resources which in turn can be directed towards the more vital activities of product innovation, product management, differentiation, CRM, marketing & distribution.

Outsourced software product development is primarily a means of leveraging an expert organization's resources and infusing new thought, skills and expertise, while reducing time to market. Outsourced Product Development is the obvious remedy to the current market scenario where technology, skills and approaches are momentary. This volatility nature of technology, skills and methodologies can be converted into an advantage by outsourcing the product Development.
As an Independent software vendor or software product company you must be interested in shorter development and testing life cycles which directly affects time to market, reducing software development and support costs & enhancing product functionality in order to generate greater value to your customers.
At Accendere, we understand outsourced product development (OPD) requires the team to work in very close collaboration with the client's engineering team. In the process, partnering with Accendere for your product development services helps you leverage a strong value proposition, low time to market, reduced development costs and quality manpower.
Accendere utilizes its product development expertise and product development and engineering frameworks to provide end-to-end product development services. We offer specialized product development services as well as end-to-end product development services based on client needs.
At Accendere we believe that software product development is different from custom software development and requires extra skills and competencies apart from handling project life-cycle phases. Product development life-cycle involves additional items like:
  • Capturing marketing requirements & product requirements
  • Scalable architecture to accommodate future product direction
  • Shorter release cycles to release new features and patches
  • Easy migration path when maintenance releases are available
  • Framework to manage different customized versions of the product
  • Supporting marketing needs by effective and efficient documentation
Accendere specializes in following key offerings covering entire product development lifecycle, including
New Product Design and Development
  • Feature Enhancement
  • Product Platform Migration
  • Software Product Testing
  • Software Product Maintenance and Support
  • Product Release and license Management
  • Product Packaging for distribution
Accendere has developed many products for customers over the years and refined the methodology to meet the demands of effective product development environments. Our product development and engineering framework spans from conceptualization, architecture, design, development, testing, deployment and enhancements to porting and ongoing support.

We are in cognizance with our clients about protecting their intellectual properties and provide full ownership of outsourced product.

We sign Non-disclosure and IPR agreements with our clients for ensuring exclusive source code and Intellectual capital rights to them.

Key Product Development services success factors at Accendere
  • Product-savvy and domain-savvy development talent
  • A sizable pool of high end architectural, design and testing skills and flexible and dynamic development environments.
  • Investments in product development centric tools
Creative working contracts which mitigate the risks for the ISV looking to explore the opportunity. Such contract includes terms of intellectual property protection, and flexible pricing mechanisms which are linked to success rates and skill set for localization/internationalization of products.


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