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Data Migration Services:
A data migration project is a key process of moving data between storage devices when adopting any new storage system. Accendere’s Data Migration Services are designed to help IT organization to upgrade their system or migrate data from an existing infrastructure to another one. Accendere’s Data Migration Services provide you with the resources and expertise to help you simplify and secure your data migration project. Accendere’s experts reinforce your organization to address concerns as, reduce complexity, avoid disruption, maintain performance and host availability and minimize business risk and impacts.

Unlike other projects such as integration or implementation projects, a data migration project will be executed, normally once, and then all the specific data migration environment and work will be retired when the new system goes live. It means that quite all resources involved on this project will be used once. Accendere’s data migration experts will handle the global migration project, working closely with your organization. They will build data migration management and governance policies that comply with your business needs and allow you to reach the awaited results with the absolute minimum risk, avoiding you to invest massively on a project that executes once.

Accendere has developed for several years best practices and recognized methodologies for data migration processes. We are used to working on critical and heterogeneous environments, which is the case in all the data migration projects. Depending on the customer's architecture and technologies, Accendere’s experts will use various approaches to reduce operation disruptions and be sure that the migration project will be performed within the allotted time frame and avoid any negative impact on the business.

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